Lava Dutch Ovens made specifically for creating culinary goodness, simply preserves in all aspects!

  • It preserves your time, resources and confidence since its premium enameled cast iron surface cooks evenly and predictably every time. You will have no surprises;
  • Its twice fired porcelain enamel inner surface preserves the natural flavours and wholesome goodness of your ingredients. This flat black Chef preferred surface also preserve your health by not reacting with the food inside even after many years of use;
  • Its self-basting dimpled lid seals in flavours and juices, keeping your food moist throughout the cooking process. No need to disturb your food while cooking;
  • It spreads the heat evenly and therefore the integrity of your meal is preserved since every part of it is evenly cooked;
  • It preserves the heat long after you take it from the stove/oven. You can serve directly from your Lava Dutch Oven at the dinner table. With its vivid colours and heat preservation, it will eliminate the need for service dishes that needs to be kept warm; one less item to clean up!
  • Take good care of it, it will take care of you and your investment and preserve itself to the next generation;

With its

  • twice fired three layers of enamel;
  • steel knob;
  • heat safety up to 500°F;

It is very versatile and works on all cooking surfaces. You can experiment and expand your culinary palate by comfortably going from stove top to oven to table. Experimenting with baking and serving cold dishes at the dinner table are among the possibilities. Just like preserving the heat, your Lava Dutch oven is great at preserving the cold dishes at the dinner table for a long time.

Again thanks to this sturdy structure, it is dishwasher and detergent safe and easy to clean. There is no need to season it regularly.

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