How Long will it take to get my cookware?

We ship using Canada Post Expedited, generally in Canada shipments arrive within 2-5 business days, depending on where you are.

Where Is The Pot Made?

Lava cookware is produced in Eskisehir in Turkey. The region is known for over a century with its cast iron and enamel workmanship beginning with cast iron stoves and cuisine.

Why Is It So Heavy?

It is in the nature of cast iron to be heavy. This is why heat is spread evenly across the cookware and retained for so long.

What Is it Made of?

There is only iron, enamel and paint (in some) in Lava pots, pans and grills. When we say “Cast Iron”, it is cast iron all the way, not a coating on aluminum or steel base. There are no other fillers for reducing the weight and lowering the costs. We are proud to say there is no lead and cadmium which are not healthy in cookware. Recognized by the FDA, European standards and German Standards.

Where Is The Location of Your Shop?

We do not have a retail location and do not plan to have one. We do not also offer our product lines at retail locations. This enables us to pass on the savings to our customers.

What Is The Difference Between Folk (K1) and Signature (K2) Series?

The only difference is in their lid style. Their capacities and performance are the same.

What Is The Difference Between Lava and Other Brands in The Market?

Lava is a brand which is new to Canada. For years many around the globe have been enjoying Lava Cookware at a reasonable cost in contrast to some of the other brands out there. 

Is It Non-Stick?

If by “Non-Stick”, we are talking about the chemical coating of Lava pots and pans for ease of cleaning, there are no such chemicals inside Lava products that might interact with the food. Having said that, our products are very easy clean as we explain below and in our Use & Care section.

Is It Enamelled Inside Too?

Yes. Unlike some products that are colourfully enamelled outside but still require seasoning inside, both the inside and outside of Lava cookware is enamelled.

Will The Enamel Come Out?

Please note that enamel is not a chemical coating or a paint. In Lava products, enamel is baked onto cast iron surface by triple-layering and twice-firing. Unless there is a heavy impact and scratching by sharp objects, Lava enamel will always be there and your food will never react with the cast iron.

Why Is It Black Inside? 

Lava uses a unique flat black enamel on the inside of their pots. This is chef preferred as it looks like raw cast iron with the benefits of the enamel surface.

Do I Need To Season It?

Except for the optional “before first use seasoning”, there is no need to season Lava products.

Will It Work on All Surfaces?

Lava products work on all surfaces including induction and barbecue. However we do not recommend using Basics line products on glass/ceramic surfaces.

Can I Put It In The Oven?

Except for Wooden Handle Frying Pans, all Lava products can be put into the oven up to 500°F.

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Use?

Dutch ovens and our grill pans perform exceptionally well at medium temperatures. In fact we recommend using your grill pans at a medium heat as Cast Iron is a very efficient way to cook - saving you energy costs. 

How Do You Clean It? 

Our cookware is dishwasher safe. It is easier to clean up than typical cast iron cookware.  For regular hand washing, dish soap and a sponge is recommended to clean. Ensure you do not shock your cookware by immersing your hot pot in cold water. Let it cool down before cleaning.

What Do You Do For Stubborn Food Residues?

In the event you have hard food debris, let your pot cool down, sprinkle baking soda on it and pour boiling water. This will help separate the food from the cookware.

Can I Put It In The Dishwasher?

Except for Wooden Handle Frying Pans, all Lava products can be put into Dishwasher, including the Basics line. Though this is a great convenience, we recommend hand washing as much as possible in order to preserve the brightness of the colours.

Below is a video showing the manufacturing process and how quality control is important.