WOK ECO - 38 CM / 14.9" -

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Our enameled cast iron Wok is excellent for all levels, those who are enthusiasts about cooking, and the pro chef looking to create their next masterpiece. Enameled Cast Iron Wok is a great way to cook like in the past with a new flair! It is your best versatile assistant in the kitchen. 

You will enjoy the sturdiness of twice fired triple enamel layers as it requires no seasoning.

The flat black enamel inside of the pot is chef preferred as it looks like raw cast iron with the benefits of easy clean up while being a safe enameled surface inside. 

Your cast iron pot first heats itself evenly and then the food. The even distribution of the heat is a critical part of predictable cooking.

Our enameled cast iron Dutch Ovens are dishwasher & detergent safe, oven safe to 500°F.

 Servings   #   4 
 Capacity   Lt/Qt         5,30                 5,60  
 Weight   Kg/lb         4,86               10,71  
 Inner Width   cm / ''         38,0               14,96  
 Inner Length   cm / ''         38,0               14,96  
 Inner Height   cm / ''           9,0                 3,54  
 Outer Width   cm / ''         38,6               15,20  
 Outer Length   cm / ''         50,0               19,69  
 Outer Height   cm / ''         11,6                 4,57  

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