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BRAISERS-Lava Canada
BRAISERS-Lava Canada
BRAISERS-Lava Canada
BRAISERS-Lava Canada
BRAISERS-Lava Canada
BRAISERS-Lava Canada
BRAISERS-Lava Canada
BRAISERS-Lava Canada
BRAISERS-Lava Canada

Our enameled cast iron braisers are excellent for all levels, those who are enthusiasts about cooking, and the pro chef looking to create their next masterpiece. Enameled Cast Iron Braisers are a great way to cook like in the past with a new flair! They are your best versatile assistant in the kitchen. 

You will enjoy the sturdiness of twice fired triple enamel layers as it requires no seasoning. With proper care, your durable casserole will always be ready to handover to the next generation.

The flat black enamel inside of the braiser is chef preferred as it looks like raw cast iron with the benefits of easy clean up while being a safe enameled surface inside. 

Your cast iron casserole first heats itself evenly and then the food. The even distribution of the heat is a critical part of predictable cooking.

The dimpled self basting lid seals the flavors and the moisture throughout the cooking process - eliminating the need to disturb your food while cooking.

Your Lava Braiser already comes with stainless steel knob, hence you do not need to change knob when you want place your cast iron pot in the oven. 

Go from cook top to oven to table without the use of serving dishes while your food remains hot from the natural heat retention of the cast iron. The rich colours of your Lava Braiser will be a welcome addition your kitchen counter and dining room décor.

Our enameled cast iron casseroles are dishwasher & detergent safe, oven safe to 500°F and safe for all cooking surfaces including induction. 

If you need to cool, keep and serve cool your food, your braiser with its superior heat retention capability is a great help in that regard too!

The dimensions chart below will help you decide the size for your needs.

Enjoy it!


 24 CM   28 CM   32 CM 
 Servings   #   4   4-6   6-8 
 Weight   Kg/lb         4,56      10,14        6,41      14,13        7,30      16,10  
 Capacity   Lt/Qt         2,47        2,61        3,51        3,71        5,66        5,98  
 Inner Width   cm / ''       24,00        9,45      28,00      11,02      32,00      12,60  
 Inner Height   cm / ''         6,00        2,36        6,30        2,48        7,70        3,03  
 Outer Width   cm / ''       25,00        9,84      29,50      11,61      33,00      12,99  
 Outer Length   cm / ''       32,00      12,60      36,50      14,37      41,00      16,14  
 Outer Height   cm / ''         7,50        2,95        8,00        3,15        9,00        3,54  

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