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Lava Professional Enamelled Cast Iron 10.25" Basics Frying Pan

• Oven safe to 500° F

• Pouring spouts for easy fat removal

• Safe for induction, gas, and electric stove tops

• Braise on the cooktop and finish in the oven like a pro chef

• Large handles with ridge underneath ensure secure handling when transporting

• Each piece is one of a kind

• Rough texture results in exceptional browning

• Requires no seasoning

• Dishwasher safe

• Fry Pancakes, make Crepes, bake a Pizza or Biscuits, warm Bread or use to chill Fruit or fresh Veggies

• Enameled cast iron surface heats efficiently and evenly requiring little oil for cooking for healthier eating

• Integral cast handles make for easy carrying

• Dishwasher safe!!! Lava ECO enamelled cast iron cookware is ready to use right out of the box - Just wash, dry and start cooking