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TAJINE ROUND CASSEROLE - 27CM / 10.63 " RED-Lava Canada
TAJINE ROUND CASSEROLE - 27CM / 10.63 " RED-Lava Canada

See the difference a cast iron Tajine makes. Enameled cast iron base with a ceramic cone top to ensure moisture and heat are trapped inside. When finished cooking, remove the lid and place the base on the table. The natural Cast Iron will keep your food warmer and for longer, while impressing your guests with it's vibrant red colour.

Oven safe to 500°F and dishwasher safe means your Tajine is one that you can use again and again with ease without the need to season regularly.

Cooking with Lava means cooking healthy. As there are no harmful chemicals and a triple layer of enamel, your food preserves it's flavours as it's meant to be.

Cast iron is versatile, you can use it to heat your food, or keep it cool. Freeze your cast iron and see how wonderful it keeps the food cold!

 Servings   #   İ4 
 Capacity   Lt/Qt        2,10         2,22  
 Weight   Kg/lb        3,70         8,16  
 Inner Width   cm / ''        25,0         9,84  
 Inner Length   cm / ''        25,0         9,84  
 Inner Height   cm / ''          6,0         2,36  
 Outer Width   cm / ''        26,5       10,43  
 Outer Length   cm / ''        32,3       12,72  
 Outer Height   cm / ''        20,0         7,87